Beauty Tech

We call it that when beauty experts join scientists and engineers to enable you to personalize your makeup 100%.

A technology which transforms the future of cosmetic world!

After an exciting venture of 2 years involving experimentation and development, LA MANUFACTURE team has successfully created the patented AI-powered SkinCam to measure your skin color and device a personalized recipe for your perfect foundation shade. Your recipe appears on a web-based smartphone application - very easy to use and compatible with any smart phone*. SkinCam lets you create over 50,000 different shades of foundation – one of which is 100% individual and unique like you. No more bad purchases anymore!

*Further details can be found in the FAQs.

100% you - your personal foundation kit

According to a survey, it takes women an average of eight years to find the right make-up shade. Who hasn't bitterly regretted a make-up purchase even though the tester's shade was actually right? Even the personal advice in the shop turned out to be of little help at home and the colour of the foundation is not ideal after all. That's over now.

LA MANUFACTURE now offers the possibility to create foundation yourself that matches 100% your personal skin tone.

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