LA MANUFACTURE’s ‘Your Personal Foundation’ kit contains everything you need to create your own foundation anytime anywhere. The AI-enabled SkinCam helps you formulate the perfect blend of your foundation. It easily sits on the camera of your smartphone to measure your skin. Then your perfect recipe is displayed on a web-based application which is accessible via a QR code found on the kit.

How does it work? Just follow 4 simple steps!

Scan the QR Code

Scan the QR code on the kit to access the web-based mobile application.*

Measure your skin

Attach the SkinCam to the camera of your smart phone and measure your skin tone.

Get your recipe

Upload your SkinCam pictures and receive your personal foundation recipe – a unique combination of colors for you out of 5 base shades.

Mix your foundation!

Fun time! Mix the colors as suggested in recipe to create your perfect shade.

Apply make-up as usual with a brush, beauty blender or your fingers!
*No download from the App Store or Play Store necessary.


1. How to attach SkinCam to your smartphone?

2. How to mix foundation?

3. How to change shade?

How to take perfect pictures for your skin for measurement of skin tone with the ‘app’ and the SkinCam! 100% You!

  1. We suggest a well-lit (indoor) place for taking pictures but take care to avoid too much sunlight. Later, when you upload your picture on the app, it lets you know if the quality of the pictures is not up to the mark.
  2. Make sure to turn on the flash in your camera application before taking pictures with SkinCam.
  3. If you do it in front of a mirror, you can clearly see where to place the SkinCam – we suggest taking pictures of face and neck
  4. Now hold the SkinCam firmly against your neck/face leaving no gap between the SkinCam and your skin.
  5. Now click 4 pictures of different regions of face and neck and take care to avoid blurring these pictures.
  6. The result will be more accurate the more photos you take.

Please note:

  • Take 4 pictures
  • Press the SkinCam well against the skin
  • Alternative: Leave no gap between SkinCam and skin
  • Circles are only slightly cropped
  • Skin tone is brightly lit in the centers


Everything is now well illuminated and uncut.


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