La Manufacture - About us

We at LA MANUFACTURE are a team of beauty enthusiasts, tech nerds, and creatives in general – and we strive every day to revolutionize the world of beauty! We stand against the tradition of ‘one size fits all’ and we strongly believe that beauty is as unique as you are! This notion drives us to develop products that are precisely tailored for your individual needs. With ‘Your Personal Foundation’ kit by LA MANUFACTURE, you can determine your individual skin tone and create the make-up shade that suits you perfectly. We can’t wait for you to try it on and be amazed!


Story behind La Manufacture

Our story is inspired by our own experiences of bad makeup purchases! Who hasn’t bitterly regretted buying the wrong makeup despite the test color tone actually being right!? Even the personal advice by makeup personnel turns out to be of no help at home and the foundation shade is not ideal after all. Motivated by this realization and its vastness, we looked for ways to create our own perfect foundation anytime anywhere. And here we are with this revolutionary kit which is simple to use and creates foundation with suits you 100% - as individual and unique as you are.

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